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Chalk, TypeScript and Lerna

Tue Feb 15 2022 • ☕️ 1 min read • you like my writing? Buy me a coffee

After a lot of struggling with getting chalk to work with TypeScript I finally found (in the documentation) that you should just use version 4 of chalk! In the release notes it is stated that:

If you use TypeScript, you will want to stay on Chalk 4 until TypeScript 4.6 is out.

I can now use chalk as follows from TypeScript:

import chalk from "chalk";

console.log("This is red"));

Next problem: color output is stripped when using Lerna.

If you run lerna run doit --scope mypackage --stream all color output is stripped.

To fix this set the environment variable FORCE_COLOR=1.

For example in an npm script do the following:

   "run_doit_in_package_mypackage": "cross-env FORCE_COLOR=1 lerna run doit --scope mypackage --stream"

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