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XM Cloud - stay in sync with the headstart

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XM Cloud - stay in sync with the headstart

When we create a new project through the XM Cloud Deploy, we can either select “Start from starter template” or “Start from your existing XM Cloud code”. The starter template is based on - the headstart for scaffolding a new XM Cloud project. So XM Cloud Deploy “forks” this project to a fresh GitHub repository, but the connection to the upstream repository (the repository forked from) is lost. And that is good, because it functions as a headstart to be heavily modified, and changes should (generally) not be merged back to this headstart repository.

But losing this connection completely is also a pity because innovations and bugfixes in the headstart would be nice to bring to your own already scaffolded projects as well.

I take the following approach to handle this with XM Cloud, but also with our own headstarts that we use in projects:

  1. Create a folder on your computer to manage your XM Cloud projects, e.g. XMCloud-Projects
  2. In this folder clone the repository
  3. In this folder clone the repository scaffolded by XM Cloud Deploy, e.g.

So I have a folder structure as follows:

- xmcloud-foundation-head
- AcmeXMCloud

I keep the xmcloud-foundation-head folder up-to-date by doing git pull before executing a comparison, so I’m sure that I use the latest code:

Execute a git pull on the headstart

In the above screenshot, you can see that things are changing in the project template, and it should be changing so innovation keeps coming!

The next step is to set up a smart comparison between the xmcloud-foundation-head folder and one or more project folders. A great open-source merge tool do do this comparison, and merge where needed, is WinMerge. The first naive approach is to compare the two folders would be:

Naive folder compare

A comparison can be improved by using filters to narrow the scope of the comparison, as described in the WinMerge documentation Using Filters.

And then we come to another decision: shouldn’t we have multiple comparisons? I think we should, especially because the first thing I do is rename the sxastart`` project torendering`, which can’t be handled in a single comparison.

The setup

I create the following setup for each XM Cloud project:

  • In the project folder (e.g. AcmeXMCloud) create a folder tools to manage all tools for your project
  • In that folder create a folder WinMerge, download your binaries version of WinMerge from the Winmerge Downloads. Unzip the downloaded zip file to the folder tools\WinMerge - this makes WinMerge part of your project repository and can be pushed
  • Create a PowerShell script tools\Compare-Headstart.ps1 that we will use to compare different elements of the project to the original headstart

The Compare-Headstart.ps1 script could look like this:

# A simple menu to do a WinMerge based comparison of parts of the current XM Cloud project 
# against the headstart project provided by Sitecore used to scaffold an XM Cloud project. 
# Assumption: WinMerge in installed in the folder tools\WinMerge.
# Extend depending on your project needs.
# Author: Serge van den Oever [Macaw]
# Version: 1.0

$VerbosePreference = 'SilentlyContinue' # change to Continue to see verbose output
$DebugPreference = 'SilentlyContinue' # change to Continue to see debug output
$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'


$xmcloudFoundationHeadPath = "$PSScriptRoot\..\..\xmcloud-foundation-head" 
if (!(Test-Path $xmcloudFoundationHeadPath)) {
    Write-Error "xmcloud-foundation-head not found at $xmcloudFoundationHeadPath"

$h = (Resolve-Path -Path $xmcloudFoundationHeadPath).Path
$p = (Resolve-Path -Path "$PSScriptRoot\..").Path

while ($true) {

    Write-Host "Compare Sitecore XM Cloud headstart to Project:"
    Write-Host "1. Core (config / docker stuff)"
    Write-Host "2. src\items"
    Write-Host "3. src\platform"
    Write-Host "4. src\sxastarter -> src\rendering (renamed in project)"
    Write-Host "Q. Quit"

    $choice = Read-Host "Enter your choice"

    switch ($choice) {
        "1" { 
            . "$p\tools\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe" $h $p /f $coreFilter
        "2" { 
            . "$p\tools\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe" $h\src\items $p\src\items /f $itemsFilter
        "3" { 
            . "$p\tools\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe" $h\src\platform $p\src\platform /f $platformFilter
        "4" { 
            . "$p\tools\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe" $h\src\sxastarter $p\src\rendering /f $renderingFilter
        "Q" { exit }
        "q" { exit }
        default { Write-Host "Invalid choice. Try again." }

Note that this code should be modified to your project needs.

In the above code, WinMerge CLI commands are made available through a menu, where each comparison uses filter settings configured at the top of the code.

When you execute the script tools\Compare-Headstart.ps1 it shows a super simple UI to start a comparison with WinMerge:

A simple WinMerge starter menu

Selecting a menu item starts WinMerge with the selected comparison:

WinMerge in action

Where needed changes can be brought from xmcloud-foundation-head to your project:

Winmerge file compare

I hope that Sitecore will not hold back in improving and innovating on their XM Cloud project headstart, and using the above-described approach we can all benefit from this.

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