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Run npm NodeJS scripts with Fiddler

Tue Feb 25 2020 • ☕️ 1 min read • you like my writing? Buy me a coffee

When Fiddler is started, it uses the http://localhost:8888 by default as the proxy port. If this port is taken you will see the following message:

Fiddler Port in Use

To see the port used by Fiddler, go to Tools –> WinINET Options... –> LAN settings –> Advanced

Now create the Powershell script fiddler-npmscript.ps1 next to your package.json file:

    [string]$NpmScript = "watch", 
    [int]$ProxyPort = 8888

npm run $NpmScript

This script can be called as .\fiddler-npmscript.ps1 when using the watch script with the default proxy port 8888.

When using for example the build script on port 2046 call the script as .\fiddler-npmscript.ps1 build 2046.

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