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XM Cloud Components - what is it?

Mon Aug 14 2023 • ☕️ 2 min read • you like my writing? Buy me a coffee

XM Cloud Components is already in preview for a while, time to dive into the details. But to get started, a completely AI generated introduction to the topic, writing the marketing bla bla is not my strongest point… The follow-up post will be hand crafted and go deep!

XM Cloud Components: An Overview and Introduction

XM Cloud Components is a Front End as a Service (FEaaS) composer within the Sitecore ecosystem[4]. It provides a platform for marketers, designers, and developers to collaboratively create and manage visual components for digital experiences[1]. Let’s delve into the different parts of XM Cloud Components and their functionalities.

Component Builder

The Component Builder is a user-friendly interface that allows marketers to create and customize visual components[4]. It provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience, enabling marketers to define the structure, layout, and behavior of components[2]. Marketers can also add HTML and JavaScript code to further customize the components[1]. The Component Builder streamlines the process of component creation and empowers marketers to design engaging digital experiences.


Styles play a crucial role in ensuring brand consistency across digital properties. With XM Cloud Components, marketers can define and apply styles to components[4]. Styles encompass various visual attributes such as typography, colors, spacing, and more[1]. By defining styles, marketers can easily create visually appealing components that align with their brand’s digital style guide.

Data Sources

Data Sources enable the creation of dynamic and responsive components within XM Cloud Components[4]. Marketers can map data from various sources, such as Sitecore content, external APIs, or databases, to components[5]. This allows for the creation of personalized and data-driven experiences. By connecting components to data sources, marketers can ensure that the components display relevant and up-to-date information.


Components are the building blocks of digital experiences created with XM Cloud Components[4]. Marketers can create, customize, and reuse components across different digital properties[1]. Components can be designed to display specific content, functionality, or interactive elements[3]. By leveraging components, marketers can streamline the creation process, ensure consistency, and enhance the reusability of their digital experiences.


XM Cloud Components, as a part of Sitecore’s XM Cloud platform, provides a powerful and efficient way to create and manage visual components for digital experiences. The Component Builder, Styles, Data Sources, and Components collectively empower marketers, designers, and developers to collaborate effectively and deliver engaging and personalized customer experiences. By leveraging XM Cloud Components, brands can enhance their digital presence and provide consistent and compelling experiences across various channels and devices.


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