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Sitecore Demo Portal - cm and the web.config

Sun Feb 25 2024 • ☕️ 1 min read • you like my writing? Buy me a coffee

With the Sitecore Demo Portal it is possible to make modifications to your Sitecore XM Content Management environment by connecting your environment to a GitHub repository containing a folder named cm. All files in the cm folder of your repository are synced to the folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot of your CM environment. This makes it possible to add additional files or to make modifications to for example the web.config using patch files. This sync process is described here: Demo Portal - Deploying files to CM instance. The way to create patch file is described here: Use a patch file to customize the Sitecore configuration | Sitecore Documentation

To see if your web.config changes were applied correctly you can see the resulting web.config by accessing the URL:

It is also good to check if files are synced correctly. This can be done using the Sitecore File Explorer

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